Mid Star Lab launches new corporate headquarters

Mid Star Lab’s manufacturing expertise is in continuing high demand and in order to accommodate explosive growth, we have moved again to a larger headquarters. The last major move of the manufacturing facility was in March of 2012, when we quickly realized that space wouldn’t work for long, even though we more than doubled our previous square footage. In February of 2016, Mid Star Lab moved to Tonganoxie, KS, which more than doubled our square footage once again! Here we are now able to warehouse more than 1,200 pairs of shoes with room to stock even more. By moving our main facility, Mid Star Lab will be able to accommodate our growing business more effectively. The move has also allowed Mid Star Lab to bring in new technology, which will further increase our production abilities. This new location has already presented more opportunities to better serve our customers going forward. Contact the Mid Star Lab corporate office at 1701 Commerce Rd., Tonganoxie, KS 66086 by calling 913.369.8734 today!